N. Vancouver

The Lind Prize

My Gallery Is...

Screens And Thresholds

The Lind Prize

Nanitch: Early Photographs Of British Columbia From The...

Isabelle Pauwels: Lying Stills / Constructing Truth With...

My House: Mike Kelley And Ryan Trecartin

B.c. Almanac(H) C-B

New York Art Book Fair 2015

Eye To Eye

Tris Vonna-Michell

Images That Speak

"we Are Continually Exposed To The Flashbulb Of Death":...

Mainstreeters: Taking Advantage, 1972-1982

Lee Friedlander: Thick Of Things

Kelly Lycan: Underglow

A Thousand Quarrels: Liz Magor

Bruce Stewart: Dollarton Pleasure Faire, 1972

Our Image, Your Image: Chester Fields Photo Contest

Stan Douglas: Synthetic Pictures

Cindy Sherman Meets Dzunuk’Wa: From The Michael And...

Dream Location

Moyra Davey: Ornament And Reproach

Another Happy Day: Found Photographs Collected By Jonah...

Collected Shadows: Photographs From The Archive Of...

Zhang Yaxin: Model Opera

Strangelove's Weegee

To Here From Home: Chester Fields Photo Contest

Slavs And Tatars - Friendship Of Nations: Polish...


Anna Oppermann / Andrea Pinheiro / Marianne Wex

Horvat: Fashion

Myfanwy Macleod: Dorothy

Annette Kelm


Double Take: Chester Fields Photo Competition

C.1983 Part Ii


Michael Morris: Letters: Palomar

Larry Clark: Tulsa

Kohei Yoshiyuki: The Park

Damian Moppett & Andrea Pinheiro: Not Photographs

Karlheinz Weinberger: Intimate Stranger

Models For Taking Part

Melanie Gilligan: Popular Unrest

Glenn Lewis: Four Intersections

Glenn Lewis: Room Divided

Flakey: The Early Works Of Glenn Lewis

Not Necessarily In That Order

The Candahar Bar

Laid Over To Cover: Weaving And Photography In The...

The Malcolmson Collection

Flow: The Progression Of Freeride Mountain Biking In...


Something's Happening Here!

Isabelle Pauwels: B And E

Juliette And Friends

Rosalind Nashashibi

Undergrouse: Photos Of Life In North Van - A Chester...

Attilia Richard Lukacs: Polaroids

"male" Work From The Collection Of Vince Aletti


Lisette Model & Her Successors

Anne Collier

Tim Lee: Remakes, Variations (1741-2049)

Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me

To The Dogs

Judy Linn

Laszlo Moholy-Nagy & Simon Starling

Zin Taylor: Put Your Eye In Your Mouth; A Conversational...

Johannes Wohnseifer: Kleenex Mathematics


Edward Burtynsky: The China Series


Mexico, The Revolution And Beyond: Photographs By...

About Time - Four Late Stan Brakhage Films

Carolee Schneemann: Devour

Evan Lee: Captures: Selected Works, 1998 – 2006

Biographical Landscape: The Photography Of Stephen Shore...

Judy Radul: Downes Point And So Departed (Again)

Julie Henry: Going Down

Martin Parr: Think Of England

Nina Toft: The One I Think I Am…

Christine Davis: Drink Me

Althea Thauberger: A Memory Lasts Forever

Akbar Nazemi: Unsent Dispatches From The Iranian...

Douglas Curran: The Elephant Has Four Hearts; Nyau Masks...

Andrew Wright: Skies

Kevin Schmidt: Fog

Jeremy Shaw: Dmt

Jack Goldstein: Under Water Sea Fantasy

Just Press Their Button: A History Of Photography In...

The Altered Landscape

Alain Paiement: Living Chaos

Sue Lloyd: Searchworks

Tacita Dean: Gellért

Ansel Adams, Leonard Frank, And Eileen Leier


Out Of Sight: The Image Beyond The Index

H.g. Cox: Athens On The Fraser

Larry Towell: Projects 1985-2000

Andy Warhol: Early Film & Video Works

Unfinished Business: Vancouver Street Photographs 1955...

Arni Haraldsson And Manuel Piña: Displacement And...

Mark Ruwedel: Written On The Land

Ene-Liis Semper: Four Works

Moving Ideas – A Contemporary Cultural Dialogue With India

Jin-Me Yoon: Touring Home From Away

Alexander Rodchenko: Modern Photography, Photomontage...

Facing History: Portraits From Vancouver

Fiona Bowie, Lorna Simpson, Sophie Calle: Mis.com

Mike Disfarmer: Portraits From Arkansas

Seydou Keita: Portraits From Mali

Grete Stern: Suenos

Gisele Amantea: In Your Dreams

David Rokeby

Getting It Together In The Country: Rodney Graham

Telephones: Christian Marclay

Camera Over Hollywood: John Swope, 1936-1938

Fauna Secreta: Joan Fontcuberta And Pere Formiguera

1900 Photographs Of Berlin And Environs By Heinrich Zille

Roy Arden: Fragments (Photographs, 1981-85)

Private Investigations: Merry Alpern, Allyson Clay,...

The Legendary Lee Miller: Photographs, 1929 – 1964

These Saw Visions - Lesley Dill Billboards

Marian Penner Bancroft: By Land And Sea (Prospect And...

First Son: Portraits By C.d. Hoy

War Zones

Dark Odyssey: Philip Jones Griffiths

Camera Obscured: Photographic Documentation And The...

Lucy Gunning: Climbing Around My Room & The Horse...

Don't Kiss Me: Disruptions Of The Self In The Work Of...

Wols: German Surrealist Photographer, Printmaker And Painter

Kennedy Bradshaw's Yukon Friends: Photographs From The...

Geoffrey James: Running Fence

Zhou Tiehai And Geng Jianyi: Two Contemporary Artists...

Sandra Semchuk: How Far Back Is Home…

Track Records: Trains & Contemporary Photography

Indian Princesses And Cowgirls: Stereotypes From The...

Robert Linsley: One Hundred Views Of Mount Baker

Denis Lessard: Les Roses

Major League / Minor League: America’S Baseball...

Jan Peacock: Reader By The Window

Uta Barth: Recent Photographs

Rights And Realities: Daily Lives Of Women In Six...

Spectacular Vernacular Painted Backgrounds And Studio...

Vikky Alexander: Between Living And Dreaming

Transient Moments Vancouver And The Performance Photograph

Action/performance And The Photograph

Karl Blossfeldt: Art Forms In Nature

Katherine Knight: I Became Unconscious

Ron Benner: All That Has Value

It Pays To Play: British Columbia In Postcards, 1950S To...

Urban Fictions

Ian Wallace: Clayoquot Protest

World Tea Party: A Collaboration By Daniel Dion, Bryan...

Forgotten Marriage: The Painted Tintype And The ...

Death And The Family

Showcards: General Idea

Arni Haraldsson: Projects On Vancouver Architecture And...

Light, Surface And Sound: Photography, Sculpture, Music...

Laura Letinsky: Intimate Stages

Lee Dickson: The Cauldron

Sylvie Readman: Champs D'eclipses

Josef Sudek Photographs

Robert Fones: Historiated Letters

The Just Past Of Photography In Vancouver

The Composite Image: New Works By Jerry Pethick

Hannah Hoch: 1889-1978 Collages


Robert Frank And The Everyday

Last Day At The Shipyards

Lorna Brown: Character, A Project For Presentation House

Helen Levitt

Mike Macdonald: Secret Flowers & Cornelia Wyngaarden: ...

Judith Barry: Projections

Raymonde April

Motion And Document - Sequence And Time: Eadweard...

Al Mcwilliams

Saralee James: Revolutions And Revelations

Antlitz Der Zeit/face Of The Time: August Sander

Woman Listening To Herself: Holly Roberts

Living With The Enemy: Photographs By Donna Ferrato

Kaddish: Nomi Kaplan

Rescuers Of The Holocaust: Portraits By Gay Block

Josef Koudelka

Beyond Control: Critical Transition In The Baltic Republics

Swan Song: Nancy Barton

Annette Messanger: Making Up Stores/ Faire Des Histoires

Coming To Death's Door: Sandra Semchuk

Roses, Wind, And Other Stories: April Hickox

Interieur, Jour: Claude-Philippe Benoit

Shadowy Evidence: The Photography Of Edward S. Curtis...

Timeframe: Angela Grauerholz & Michele Waquant

Disputed Identities U.s./u.k.

Revelaciones: The Art Of Manuel Alvarez Bravo

Two Woman In One: Jamelie Hassan

Living Evidence: Lynne Cohen & Roger Mertin

Bill Jones: Investigations, Meditations, Lamentations;...

Objects Of Reverie: Jo Ann Callis

Articles Of Faith : Douglas Clark

Wyn Geleynse: Film Works

Elliott Erwitt: Personal Exposures

Aurora Australis: Film & Photographic Work

Marlene Creates: The Distance Between Two Points...

Hiroshi Sugimoto

Robert Del Tredici: At Work In The Fields Of The Bomb

Notes For The Next Millennium

China Between Revolutions: Photographs By Sidney D....

The Zone Of Conventional Practice And Other Real Stories

Taking Pictures

World Wide Skin Deep

Camera Lucida

La Verite Folle: Nicole Jolicoeur

Masterpieces Of Medical Photography

Jazz: William Claxton

Photographic Memory

Photoperspectives '88

Joey Morgan: Have You Ever Loved Me?

Hurrah, The Butter Is Gone!: The Photomontages Of John...

Stan Denniston: How To Read

Making Space: Suzanne Lacy, Susan Mceachern, Frances...

I'm Not Crazy, I Just Lost My Glasses: Lonny Shavelson

Ward 81: Mary Ellen Mark

Table Manners: Patrick Robin Traer

Collisions: Recent Work By Joyce Neimanas

Eye Of The Mind / Mind Of The Eye: Photographs With Text

Athletes: Photographs, 1860-1986

Active Process: Artist's Books, Photographic And...

Photoperspectives '87

Diverse Secrecies: The Garden Photographed

Hot Properties: Urban House Portraiture By Jim Breukelman

Light Stagings: Photographs By Serge Tousignant & Jack...

Nagatani And Tracey Collaborate

Britons: Neal Slavin

Collecting Photography: The Seattle Art Museum

Diane Arbus: Magazine Work, 1960-1971

Structured Paradise: A National Parks Experience

Sorel Cohen: Et Les Ateliers De Femmes (Ou Se Jouent Les...

Photoperspectives '86

Chick Rice: The Invisible Portrait

Photographs Of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy

Randy Bradley: History Imagined

In Transition: Postwar Photography In Vancouver

Life: The Second Decade, 1946-1955

Herbarium: Joan Fontcuberta

Cenotaphe. Barbara Steinman

Danny Lyon: Photographs And Films

Camera Obscura Room

In Grand Perspective: Large Format Polaroids

Photoperspectives '85

Recollections: Ten Women Of Photography

Encounters: Bill Burke

We Want Moschiach Now!: Portrait Of An Hassidic...

Of Difference Lost And Retrieved: Silver Prints By...

Old Pasqua: A Yaqui Indian Village. Lorne Greenberg

The Dog Observed: 1844-1943

Contemporary Canadian Photography

In The Keeping Room: Photographs By Marcus Schubert & Ed...

A Voiceless Song: Photographs Of The Slavic Lands. John...

Photoperspectives '84

Deliberations: Arranged Images In Photography

Autochromes: Colour Photography Comes Of Age

Margaret Randall: Photographs From Nicaragua

Urban Ambiguities: Installations By Ingrid Yuille

Contemporary Photoworks From The Canada Council Art Bank

Ansel Adams: Photographs Of The Southwest, 1928-1968

Groundworks: Nomi Kaplan

Ceramics: Wayne Ngan & Walter Dexter

Tom Knott: New Assemblage Sculpture

Words In A Room: Jon Baturin, Randy Bradley, Chris...

Television Interference

Photography In Louisiana, 1900-1980

Photoperpectives '83

Elliott Chappel Barnes: A Delicate Wilderness, 1905-1917

Tile Work: Photographs And Sculptural Work By Nora Blank

William Deacon: Views Of The Night & Philipp Scholz...


Gary Sutto & Donna Hagerman: Local Colour/weddings In...

Jim Ball: Recent Work

Imogen Cunningham: A 75-Year Photographic Survey

Pat Martin Bates: Inscapes Of A Now Voyager


Richard Avedon: A Survey

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The Polygon Gallery continues the forty-year reputation of Presentation House Gallery in engaging the public with the most visionary artists of our time. A new waterfront landmark on Vancouver’s North Shore, The Polygon offers a one-of-a-kind space to encounter contemporary visual art with a focus on photography.

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