Zin Taylor: Put Your Eye In Your Mouth; A Conversational Documentary Recording Martin Kippenberger's Metro-Net Station In Dawson City, Yukon

Curated by: Reid Shier

Presentation House Gallery is pleased to premiere an ambitious new work on video by Zin Taylor. Put Your Eye in Your Mouth is 22-minute fictional documentary on the subject of renowned German artist Martin Kippenberger’s fabled Metro-Net project. The Metro-Net was a mischievous idea for a global underground railway that would consist of subway station entrances (a stairway leading underground to a door) sprinkled around the world. Before Kippenberger died in 1997, a number of stations were realized, one somewhat miraculously in Dawson City, Yukon. Taylor traveled to the Yukon to document the now quickly deteriorating remains of Canada’s Metro-Net station, and to interview its builder Reinald Nohal, a friend of Kippenberger and resident of Dawson City. Based on his research, Taylor scripted a fictional reenactment of the conceptualization and creation of this incongruous Canadian sculpture.

After its premiere at Presentation House Gallery, Put Your Eye in Your Mouth will screen at YYZ Artists Outlet in Toronto from March 10 to April 21. In conjunction with the exhibition, Presentation House Gallery has co-published Nook by Zin Taylor, with Toronto’s YYZ Artist’s Outlet, a travelogue and “photo guidebook" to the Yukon Metro-net.

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Zin Taylor, Nook, exhibition publication
Zin Taylor, Nook, exhibition publication
Zin Taylor, Gallery Invitation, Front
Gallery Invitation, Front
Zin Taylor, Gallery Invitation, Back
Gallery Invitation, Back