Chester Fields 2021: Be Your Selves

Chester Fields is an initiative of The Polygon Gallery that encourages the development of visionary young photographers, giving them an opportunity to show their work on a professional platform. Teen artists from across the region are invited to submit original works of photographic art in response to a theme. All submittals are reviewed by a jury of artists and arts professionals, who select works to be shown in both virtual and onsite exhibitions.

Participating Chester Fields short list artists include: Kailin Chen, Erin Cho-Siksik, Kate Davies, Aisha dela Cuesta, Talia Facey, Celine Feng, Fraser Harding,Ben Lambie, Alexia Lines,Evan MacNair, Luke Nash, Andrea Ravazzani, Sally Sapinski, Lily Taylor, Vida Teimourtash, Angel Wang, Sabrina Wu, Asalah Youssef, Jasmine Yu, Ariel Zang.

View the Chester Fields long list here

The theme for this year’s Chester Fields Teen Photography Program is Be Your Selves. Students were invited to submit self-portraits showing sides of their identities that the camera would not normally capture.

Identities are complex, evolving things. There’s the persona that we show to the world when we leave the house. There are things we choose to present, and other things beyond our control. There are also hidden aspects that make us who we are: our hobbies, our dreams, our memories and experiences, and lineage.

With tremendous thanks to our jurors: photographer Jeff Downer, artist and designer Natalie Purschwitz, and Capture Photography Festival Executive Director Emmy Lee Wall. Our gratitude extends to the teachers across the Lower Mainland and beyond who encouraged their students to take part. To the nearly 130 artists who submitted work to this year’s competition: thank you for participating wholeheartedly.

Generously supported by Beech Foundation

Image: Talia Facey, Reflection Of Me, 2021.

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