Eye Of The Mind / Mind Of The Eye: Photographs With Text

David Arnold, Paul Berger, Lisa Bloomfield, April Hickox, Bill Paris, Marian Penner Bancroft, Joyan Saunders, Bob Sherrin, Cheryl Sourkes, Jeff Wolin
Curated by: Rod Slemmons

In the Autumn of 1987, curator Rod Slemmons organized an exhibition for Cornish College in Seattle. Entitled Illuminated Manuscript, it presented photographic work by a number of artists who employ text with their images. Although our exhibition take quite a different form from the Seattle exhibition, EYE OF THE MIND/MIND OF THE EYE is an outgrowth of an initial look at what happens each time we attempt a reading of pictures with words.

" The linear rendition of meaning conveyed by the words combines or struggles with the expanding fact of the image to produce thoughts and feelings not generated by either alone. "  - Rod Slemmons

Supported by the Canada Council.

A catalogue was published by Presentation House Gallery in conjunction with the exhibition.


March 9, 8-10p.m. | Reception


Eye of the Mind exhibition publication
Eye of the Mind exhibition publication
mind of the eye, Gallery Invitation
Gallery Invitation