The Zone Of Conventional Practice And Other Real Stories

Raymonde April, Michel Campeau, Sorel Cohen, Blake Fitzpatrick, Eldon Garnet, Angela Grauerholz, Arni Haraldsson, Jamelie Hassan, Nicole Jolicoeur, Nina Levitt, Susan McEachern, Robert Moore, Sylvie Readman, and Cheryl Soukes
Curated by: Cheryl Simon for Optica, Montreal

The Zone of Conventional Practice and other Real Stories is an exhibition and book of contemporary narrative photography created to recognize the activity of Canadian photo-related art in the 1980s.

The book, edited by Cheryl Simon, includes text by Serge Berard, Jean-Pierre Denis, Liza McCoy, and Peter Wollheim.


August 31, 7:15 pm | Lecture by Cheryl Simon, supported by the Canada Council.

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Gallery Invitation