Vr Film Showcase With Im4 Lab + Tea Ceremony

Audiences will have an opportunity to experience live VR in this special showcase featuring curated VR films from the IM4 Lab, with members of IM4 in attendance.

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IM4 was created by Indigenous filmmaker, Loretta Todd, alongside media matriarchs Doreen Manuel, Cease Wyss, and Tracey Kim Bonneau. IM4 is dedicated to Indigenising emerging XR (VR/AR/360) technologies by enabling Indigenous communities to find effective ways to incorporate these technologies into educational, cultural, language, artistic and commercial applications. At the core of the IM4 Lab is the guidance of media matriarchs, who bring experience and commitment to serving the community.

Stay for a complimentary afternoon tea from GOTM artist Cease Wyss’s own blend, Raven and Hummingbird Tea Co.

Image: IM4 Media Lab