Third Realm Filmmaking Workshop

This program is free and open to anyone ages 16+

Related exhibition: Third Realm

A free filmmaking workshop to make an original short film project inspired by the Third Realm exhibition. Presented by The Cinematheque and The Polygon Gallery.
Interested in making an experimental short film about the intersection between digital media and art? This three-day workshop will introduce participants to the basics of digital movie making, resulting in original short film projects that will be presented during a special event at The Polygon Gallery.

Using the most ubiquitous digital technology—a smartphone—each participant will make their own original short film exploring questions raised by the Third Realm exhibition, including:

What is the relationship between digital media and art?
How do online technologies shape our lives, politics, and interactions with each other?
How can digital filmmaking express your unique experience of this time/culture/place?

This is an intensive 3-day filmmaking workshop hosted remotely via Zoom and other online resources (templates, instructional videos, handouts). This workshop is available to anyone ages 16+ interested in making a short experimental film project inspired by The Polygon Gallery’s Third Realm exhibition. Guided by experts from The Cinematheque and The Polygon Gallery, participants will independently work through a series of activities, culminating in a 1-3 minute video that will be screened at The Polygon on Saturday November 7th.

Participants should expect to devote a few hours each day on their film project, in addition to the 1-hour daily Zoom call. Facilitations from The Cinematheque will be available by phone and email to answer questions and troubleshoot problems.

Before the workshop begins, participants should visit the Third Realm exhibition at the Polygon Gallery. They should pay particular attention to works by Lu Yang and Cao Fei. Guided tours are available on Saturdays at 2pm; RSVP is required. Please note that participants are expected to have visited the gallery before the workshop begins.

Required Equipment
Participants need a smartphone with a working camera and a computer capable of downloading and running Filmora9 video editor. Participants will receive instructions and login information to use Filmora9 free of charge. If access to a computer or smartphone is a barrier, please get in touch with The Cinematheque at

Free and open to anyone ages 16+. Please register via Eventbrite here.

Tuesday, November 3rd – Concept Development
Zoom Meeting: 5:30 – 6:30pm
Participants will work through pre-production documents in their own time.

Wednesday, November 4th – Shooting
Zoom Meeting: 5:30 – 6:30pm
Participants will shoot their film projects in their own time.

Thursday November 5th – Editing
Zoom Meeting 5:30 – 6:30pm

Participants will edit their film projects in their own time.

Friday, November 6th – Finishing touches
Participants will finish and submit their projects.

Date TBA – Showcase
Special Showcase Event at the Polygon Gallery

Image: Cao Fei (Second Life Avatar: China Tracy), RMB City Opera: The Revolution, 2009, Courtesy FarEastFarWest collection