Kids First Saturdays: Floortraits

Gain a new perspective by exploring photography from a different angle. Create a unique photo backdrop before lying down to animate your floortrait!


Step 1: Gather Props

Look around your home for paper, paints, crayons, pens, fabric, costumes, and sports equipment. You can print images from your computer, cut magazine pages, draw or paint, or fashion them out of found objects (look through the recycling bin).

Step 2: Get Creative

Choose a theme. Are you floating in outer space, scuba diving in the ocean, or crawling through a jungle? Use your props to decorate your scene.

Step 3: Strike a Pose!

Lay your props and position your body on the floor. Ask your adult to stand on a sturdy step stool and take your photo from an aerial viewpoint.

Step 4: Take a photo of your work and share it online!

And be sure to tag @polygongallery. We would love to see your amazing creations!