The Feast Shop

A culinary boutique featuring artisanal foodie finds by local and Canadian makers

Related exhibition: Feast For The Eyes

The Feast Shop, a delectable extension of the excellent Polygon Shop, stretches across the main floor of the Gallery and showcases local and Canadian makers.

After being tantalized by the Feast for the Eyes exhibition, which explores the rich history of food as one of photography’s most prevalent and enduring subjects, shop a curated selection of culinary treasures by Canadian tastemakers to take home and create your own gourmet feast. Be sure to keep an eye out for delicious finds by our guest retail buyer, Eric Pateman, Canadian Chef, entrepreneur and founder of Edible Canada.

Ranging from sweet to spicy, the Feast Shop showcases edibles from across Canada. Including lavender hot chocolate and syrups from Bliston Creek Farms on Vancouver Island; pantry items from Vancouver-based makers  Woash Wellness Teas, Mumgry Spreads, Beta5 Chocolates, Laid Back Snacks, and Luv Grub Spices and Chutneys; tasty treats from across Canada, including Abokichi miso-based sauces from Ontario, Cosman & Webb Maple Syrups from Quebec, and seasonings from Newfoundland Salt Company, to name a few. The Feast Shop also features handpicked treasures from celebrated local restaurants, including dressings from Hawksworth, sauces from Bao Bai, and cocktail mixes from The Keefer Bar.

Once their grocery bag is full, visitors will be inspired by a selection of Canadian cookbooks, Piecework puzzles, and locally-made homewares from Yoshiko Godo Ceramics, Quake Studio Candlesticks, and Steelwood Designs Charcuterie Boards, motivating them to serve up a spectacular feast of their own! Whether you are a seasoned chef, a novice cook, or simply intrigued by fantastic foodie finds, there is something for everyone at this limited time shopping experience.

All proceeds from the Feast Shop support The Polygon’s exhibition and educational programming.

Photo: Alison Boulier