Food For The Rest Of Us At Doxa

Until May 16

The Polygon Gallery proudly supports Food for the Rest of Us at the 20th annual DOXA Documentary Film Festival. This year at DOXA all films can be enjoyed at home on demand from May 6 to 16.

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Food for the Rest of Us
Directed by Caroline Cox
Runtime: 77 minutes

Across Turtle Island and beyond, young people are turning their anxieties into action when it comes to sustenance and the human relationship to food. Food for the Rest of Us follows four unique and inspiring food projects that are making a difference in their communities: a youth internship program in Hawaii offers college tuition in exchange for two years’ service on an organic farm; an urban farmer in Kansas City describes his aquaculture initiative as a form of decolonization; a female Shochet in rural Colorado conducts workshops reconnecting participants to a more humane and local meat supply chain; and a community greenhouse takes advantage of short, intense summers to grow fresh produce in the Northwest Territories where, despite the impending threat of climate change, Indigenous methods of food harvesting have continued to thrive. Centering their agricultural practices firmly in their belief that new ways of operating are crucial for our survival, these food activists demonstrate—through word and deed—alternative paths to our culinary future

Food for the Rest of Us Trailer from Caroline Cox on Vimeo.