The Polygon's Response To The Anti-Racism Protests

We will not be releasing an episode of The Polygon Podcast this week, as the voices that matter most are the ones calling for urgent and overdue change. We urge you now to join us in listening to, and taking to heart, the message being widely shared: that racist discrimination is not and has never been acceptable; that those who enact racial violence must be held to account; and that we as a society must actively recognise, interrogate, and transform all systems that consciously or unconsciously enshrine white power.⁠

Canada has a brutal and ongoing history of racist oppression. By occupying unceded territories of Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh, and Musqueam Nations, The Polygon benefits from these legacies of colonial violence against Indigenous communities. We acknowledge our position as uninvited guests upon their lands.⁠

The Polygon Gallery exists for and because of diverse and vibrant publics. As an arts organisation, we recognise more than ever our role in giving a platform to marginalised voices; and the role of art in offering new perspectives that challenge systemic prejudice, so that we may envision a better future. Please heed the voices of those demanding justice, and join us in solidarity with them. Lives are at stake.