Kids First Saturdays Online Activity: Fast Food

This month, inspired by our exhibition Feast for the Eyes, we’ll be using food as inspiration to develop our mark making skills.

This activity is fast-paced, and we encourage you and your children to embrace the messiness!

Materials Needed
-Large Sheets of Rice Paper
-Black Ink or Black Tempera Paint

Some things to consider
– What are different ways you can make marks on a page?
– How does holding your brush change the appearance of your marks?
– Do certain marks/movements come more naturally to your body than others?
– Do you have more fun working quickly or working slowly?

1. Set up your paper, paint, and brushes.
2. Watch this instructional video to see the kinds of marks you can experiment with.

3. Use various foods you have at home for inspiration. Try to draw using as many of them using all the different marks and techniques you can think of. The most important part of the activity is to set a time limit per drawing. We recommend 1-3 minutes per item, with one final 5-10 minute drawing at the end. Use as many sheets of paper as you can, this is about playing with as many marks and techniques as quickly as you can.
4. When all your drawings are dry, cut out your favourite ones to either share with people you care about or put up on your wall!

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