Stan Douglas: 2011 ≠ 1848 Opening Celebration

Relatedexhibition: Stan Douglas: 2011 ≠ 1848

Join us on Thursday, September 8 for an opening celebration for Stan Douglas: 2011 ≠ 1848.

Please RSVP using the form below.

Remarks at 7:30pm

Music by Niña Mendoza

Stan Douglas: 2011 ≠ 1848 is on view at The Polygon from September 9 – November 6

About the Exhibition
Stan Douglas: 2011 ≠ 1848 presents a series of works inspired by historical events of social and political turbulence. Douglas connects points of social rupture, rendering in minute detail and with technical ingenuity historic moments of protest, riot, and occupation from 2011 that echoed upheavals that swept Europe in 1848.

Banner image: Stan Douglas, ISDN, 2022, still from two-channel video installation. Courtesy of the artist, Victoria Miro, London and Venice, and David Zwirner, New York, London, Paris and Hong Kong.