Ghosts Of The Machine Opening Celebration

Join us for the Ghosts of the Machine Opening Celebration on Thursday, June 2.

All are welcome
Remarks at 7:30pm
Music by Niña Mendoza at 8:00pm

Please RSVP with the form below.

Ghosts of the Machine is on view June 3 – August 14

Gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday.

Ghosts of the Machine
The international group of artists in Ghosts of the Machine reminds us that despite its otherworldly lustre, cyberspace cannot be separated from the “real world”. It is an extension of our societies, economy, and ecosphere. Through the glowing interfaces associated with digital media, these artists constantly point back to the world offline. By defying the imaginary boundary between online and offline worlds, they slip across other made-up binaries: between human versus nonhuman, technology versus nature. They reveal how these things do not exist in opposition to each other, but are in fact continuous and fluidly interconnected.

Image: Lu Yang, Hell Realm #1 (detail), 2021