Kids Saturdays: Collage Portraits

Combine a photoshoot or illustration with old-school collage techniques to create a contemporary take on portraiture!


Step 1: Gather Materials

Ask an adult where you can look around your home for magazines or newspapers to cut up. Other materials could include fabric pieces, wrapping paper, buttons, and food packaging like cereal boxes. You also need a piece of paper that will be the backdrop for your collage.

Step 2: Strike a Pose

If you have a printer at home, take a selfie or have someone else take your photo. Print and cut out your picture. You could also draw a picture of yourself, or use an old school photo or family photo that can be re-printed at a later date.

Step 3: Cut and Combine

Look for images from your magazines and other materials to add to your portrait picture. Choose things that you can add to the background, layer over top of your body, or combine to create characters that will share the scene with you. Cut and glue these images to your backdrop paper.

Step 4: Take a photo of your work and share it online!

And be sure to tag @polygongallery. We would love to see your amazing creations!