Sandra Semchuk: Land, Relationship and Community – A Symposium

Papers from the symposium Land, Relationship and Community held in February, 1998 and organized in connection with the exhibition Sandra Semchuk : how far back is home. The speakers at the conference addressed issues related to the symposium’s title from six very different angles, in effect ‘working around the subject’ and in the process creating a composite portrait of our relationships to the land and the role that art and communication can play in it. This is a key document for anyone with an interest in the land claims process, the role of land imagery in art and the nature of the complex relations that exist between ethics and the way that land shapes perception. Texts by Ron Burnett, Rod Slemmons, Ellie Epp, Daisy Sewid-Smith, Sandra Semchuk and James Nicholas.

44 pages

  • Publisher: Presentation House Gallery



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