Cheyney Thompson, Untitled (scarf)

Ink on 100% pure silk charmuse, encased inside
an embossed card box
36 x 36 inches / 91.5 x 91.5 cm

Published in collaboration with
Bywater Bros. Editions

Utilizing Albert Munsell's system of complementary colour pairs, Cheyney Thompson (American, b. 1975) has created five scarves for the Lynn Valley artist book series released in conjunction with Lynn Valley #6.

Thompson's diverse works explore the artistic process, and his painting, sculpture and installation work are immersed in ideas of their own conception and realization –from production, to exhibition, to the eventual reception by the viewer. In a recent series, for example, Thompson derived imagery for a series of large-scale paintings from the digital scan of their linen support, a strategy of producing art from the inside-out.

His works have recently been presented at Sutton Lane in Brussels as well as Daniel Buchholz Gallery in Cologne, and along with these two galleries he is represented by the Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York.

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